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 The Southside Open-Mic 

Sunday Night SHOWCASE 



           Sunday January 25, 2015

            from 7-11pm, with your host; . . .

                       Tahiem Nipper!




                    Dee's Cafe & Lounge         

                 (Formerly BF's Lounge)

                       283 Hywy 138

                       Riverdale, GA


Open-Mic poetry showcasing the best local and visiting poetic, lyrical, and vocal performers you've ever seen. Once you experience it, you'll KNOW why I push it so hard . . . it's simply awesome!!! Admission is FREE, parking is FREE, and last I checked; you can't beat FREE!!! Come through and share, support, or just listen. We'd love to have you

  . . .see ya there! ;)

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                    GIVE US OUR DUE by TAHIEM NIPPER



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    The Double Feature of 'Hair" & "New York, New York"   



       "The Calm After the Storm"

(Dedicated in memorandum of my Grandma)   




      Excerpt from one of Tah's speaking engagements



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Clean up your own mess

The negativity of mainstream media never ceases to amaze

for their continual attempt to capture my gaze

Oil spilling BP is still chasing its tail, like a rat in a maze

Nonsense like this is exactly why I stopped watching the news, way back in the days'

Two months later, and still no viable solution

while wildlife and sea creatures are suffocating from black, oil-slick, toxic pollution

Twiddling thumbs, eschewing reality, citing humanitarian efforts struggling for inclusion

smoke and mirror’s at their best, both optical illusions

A trillion-dollar business

yet they couldn't have done less

They have proven to be worthless

when it comes to cleaning up this mess

They treat people lives like it's a game, it's amazing to me

while continuing to make profits with no accountability and complete impunity

No fear of reprisals; that's what I call diplomatic immunity!

May God bless the Gulf, and that whole blind-sided community


"Phony, Phony, Phony"